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This company promised me the moon, convinced me to sign up for $300 or so last year. They essentially are a database that others can find contractors via.

I got one job, this month, which netted me $1000. Of course, my membership is up for renewal.

I can do the math and see it was worth $700 to do so.

Has anyone had any experiences with this company?
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They've tried hard to get me.

With no promise of work and no refunds....... I laughed in their face.
Yeah, they regularly email my company trying to get their membership fee, with no guarantee of work. Despite not falling for this absurd SHAM, I have received work, however, they insist on 60 days to pay and tried to push that out even further, until I threatened the big "L" word. Beware!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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