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In my state PPR work orders that request you to enter the property are ILLEGAL IF the property has personals in it !!! It is Criminal Trespass ! Even if requested by the bank !!! Why you ask ?? It is no different than a land lord popping over to see a Tennant (unannounced) and doing a walk through. I just thought you all would like to know. Look up your Revised codes for your state and read them !! If the property is not open to t he public it is trespass.

This has been verified by a lawyer and as I am finding out the hard way.
Thanks, I'll look into it.
So are you in some kind of trouble over this?
I do know that most all mortgages come with a clause that states the mortgage holder has the right to protect & preserve their asset as they see the need (that's where the term "P&P" originated).
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