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I have been providing P&P since 2007, but we are moving on. I have been reading the threads on Preservation Talk for quite some time and have felt all the pain. Quite simply, I now refer to this work as either "Fool's Gold" or "Mouse Trap Cheese". No more will we be at the beck and call of these rude people. I loved my business when I had no "account receivables". I've hated having to pry payment from these ungrateful entities.

Every month, for the last 6 years, another change of protocol or reduction of fees paid has come our way. Every month we have complied. Someone posted on here a while back how they would deal with a customer in a retail establishment if the customer came in and set all the prices and rules. You would throw that customer out of your store. Well, damn straight. I have my policies, procedures, and prices, and they are set by me.

Okay, the bottom fell out of the home improvement sector a while back and we all jumped into P&P to pay the bills. Let's face it, it's a crappy way to make a living anyway. You want to hope there's more foreclosures? Not me, not anymore. I believe there is enough work out there again to not have to be a bottom feeder. Fact, if I hadn't been doing so much of this work I would have had time to grow the good side of business more.

I'm not encouraging anyone else to follow my lead, I am am simply venting and moving on.

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