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Hey All,

Thanks so much for all your response on my posting on a different t thread. I figured i wouldn't be rude and get off topic on the original thread so am posting a new one.

Although I am a veteran at these crazy trashouts, I have only worked for the nationals (FAS). Are most of you (at least the happy ones) working local with brokers lr do you dabble with the nationals for fill in work.

My question is there the work load that we are use to (30+ a week) going local? Or is it you do 10 a week and get paid what the job is worth and that equal the 30+ minus the discount crap and not paid for hazards.

Sorry for not being as detailed as what is going on in my on my cell writing this.


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The work load depends on your location. I doubt you'll do the volume your used to at first, but you won't have chargebacks, bid reductions, requests for more photos, discounts, immigrant wages, post teen supervisors dictating to you, scam insurance rates, etc. Need I continue?
Yes, we only cherry pick what they send us now because most everything on their trees are dried up.
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