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Hello, I was wonder if anyone else is having difficult pushing bids with nationals. I've been seeing a pattern of national reps refusing to acknowledge bids and trying to "sweep it under the rug". After digging though some nationals audit cases; nationals don't really like to break down how they pay out contractors. Seems most FSM nationals get payed by property not by job and given an allowable thats payed from cleint to national for services done. If I'm wrong please correct me its hard to find defensive info.

My theory on why bid processing seems so flawed over the years

  • Nationals have no incentive to push bids ("they don't get payed for bids but by property they manage")
  • National reps are too inexperience to understand the biding process
  • mid managers pressure their reps to not accept bids and push for generic QC recall orders.

I'm looking for audit cases with Nationals If any one like to share some light on what's behind the curtain; Please share.
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