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Never heard of this PP Co- but maybe it can help you guys?

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Saw this on an other board- thought it might help some of you here-
or the vets can let the new guys know if this company is any good-

I don't know anything about them-

CR Mortgage is the name of the company no website or phone number on their post- thats your job-:whistling

Here it is-

"We are a property preservation company based out of SoCal, San Bernardino to be exact. We currently got asked to cover parts of up north because a work load is dropping soon and they need a reliablecontractor to handle the load. We have built a strong relationship with our client and we thrive on quality work. That being said, they have given us a green light to expand.

If you cover Northern California please repond back to me. Once we show our client we can handle parts of Northern California they will give us all of Northen Cali.

" I hope to hear from you guys soon."

Like I said - I don't know anything about them- if they are good, bad, or indifferent.

It doesn't sound like my cup of tea- so I'm not even going to look in the pot. :laughing:

If I come across anymore I will post them here too- but please don't blame me if they suck. Just trying to help you guys out.
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