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Hey there

I just started subcontracting for a property preservation company here in Idaho

In the small amount of time I have been doing this I must say I seriously love this kind of work! But I wanted to get some opinions on how things are going for me. Maybe some advice etc

This is my pay rate for jobs so far

Lock change 30
Lock box. 20
Comerc clean 120
Maid service. 110
Wint/dewint. 70
Debri. 22 per CY

I get paid on net 30 and I had to buy almost all the stuff needed to start working so its been killing me taking so long to get paid but like I said I love the work!

I just turned 25 so I'm not going to attempt to start my own buissines I have other things going besides this.

Just wanted to say hi and see if it looks like what I'm getting paid is a fair price since I've never done this before.

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okay first things first if your a sub contractor CONGRATS you own a business look for the 1099 at year end

locks for 30 bux / is that handset and dead bolt if it is thats only OK. if its just handset thats good for todays pricing you got 12 dollars worth of hardware on a credit card plus drilling/ picking / bullet dodging time

comerc clean 120 define what they want here

maid service 110 once again define the criteria we get some real turds in my neck of the woods from crack dens to meth labs

wint @ 70 NO DEAL is this wet wints and dry wints for 70 HUD wants 3 to 4 gallons of antifreeze at 2 to 3 per so lets say 10 bux plus gas for the compressor( you have a gas fired compressor right ?) and printing of labels etc etc that fancy blue tape , zip ties etc etc cost on a wint without travel is at or about 20 to 30 bux for dry add an hour for hydronic systems no money here for you

Dewint for 70 thats doable

debris at 22 cyd welllllll yes and no is the local landfill charging by the yard or the ton , how are you moving it IE dumpsters 400 per 30 cyds with a 3 ton max plus overages for weight or do you do it by hand on your landscapeing trailer and make multiple trips

lock box for 20 Not so good should be 25 to 30 we have pay 10/ 12 per have to buy a couple of types or so and tote them around @ 20 bux its even steven at 25 you make some scratch

dont get caught up in the hype you can make some cash here but theres a lot of late nights ahead for you if you actually start turning some volume ( im on at 230 am waiting for pics to upload )

DO NOT GO TO INITIAL SECURES ALONE OR WITH OUT PAPER WORK while your a green horn I like a SW .38 and my pit bull they actually come in much handier in inner city areas after the house has been secured and we post all that paper work in the front window saying this has been bank secured please build your crack house here and do us a favor and strip out all that pesky plumbing

take tons and tons of pictures when your done taking pictures take more pictures
for us 150 to 200 on a regular house 1200 sq feet is about normal if its a turd double it

these are foreclosures sometimes people are pissed off

okay my pics are up i need to invoice and write endless bids now

best of luck
and if ya need something inbox me


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Thanks for the reply!

Locks are 30 each for dead bolt and 30 each for hand set

commercial and maid service are pretty much the same from what im seeing, basically i just sweep,mop,dust,wipe base boards/window seals , clean glass, and some other details and vacuum then im done. On a hud house i had to be much more detailed but for the most part its not a ton of work.

I have a 3500 watt generator i use and electric air compressor. Doesn't use up alot of fuel at all since almost every house ive done so far has had power so i just bring in the compressor.

I didnt realize there was a dry and wet WInt, so far ive done ones that have had no requirements on how many gallons i use so i haven't burnt through much anti freeze.

As far as debri i have lucked out the landfill in the county i do most my work in has no dump fee if its from within that county :thumbsup:

other surrounding counties are $28 per ton.

So far the owner of the company has been great helping me get started out and hasn't made me pay for locks yet he did mention i will have to start ordering some soon

And I am a concealed license holder thanks to my previous line of work (Armed security) so I ALWAYS clear a property before I start work just so i dont get hit over the head with something while im unloading supplies.

I figured there would be alot of hidden costs in this but compared to the fact i had to take any job that i could get asap ( a janitor at 8 bucks an hr part time) I decided to give this a go and so far my main cost is gas driving to the work site's But the company has been good if the jobs are far away They will line up a house that needs a Wint,Sales clean,lock changes, and debri removal so i usually pull some good $ off those ones

My favorite so far was doing a re/wint on a house that been sitting forever only takes a few minutes and a few splashes of anti freeze and i just made $70 on my way to a bigger job

As far as how im removing trash its a little 94 gmc sonoma one bed at a time :furious: I was using my full size sierra but it was eating my wallet for gas big time! nce i start getting paid a trailer is #1 on my list

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Especially when the pay rate is $22 per yard from the company.
Or $15. Or even $32.50 leaves extremely little left for labor and gas for the pickup.

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I don't see many large trashouts, but when I do they can be good. I charge $40 per cyd and in my home county commercial and residential houshold trash disposal is no charge if you reside within the county. (fees are added to property tax)
Demo debris is 9.60 per/cyd disposal. Paint, appliances, tv's, electronics are taken no charge. Most employees at the transfer sites are pretty lenient on pricing once you get to know them and even more so if you pay with cash:thumbsup: We also have satellite self serve trash compactors placed at rural sites that can be used at no charge.
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