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Good Morning,

Does anyone currently contract with NVMS? How is your experience? What is their pay-cycle? Please provide any other details your feel relevant to your experience with NVMS.

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Good Afternoon,

I am surprised to not see any comments. You may PM if you wish your comments not to be public.
id like know bout them too.Sent me email yesterday says they got 30 propertys my area...
I've had 0 problems out of them.

Haven't done any P&P. Only inspections.
Pay is always on time and correct.
Been working with them over 1 yr.
I believe they are out of W Virginia. Contracted with them for quite awhile. 90% of the work is inspections verifying a business is legit for CC companies. Very few REO or Preservation orders. Pay cycle is about 60 days.
Manasses VA I believe.

Pay is 30 days now. Or less.
Depends on work that was done in relation to the cut off date.
I've got paid on work I'd only done 10 days prior.
been signed up as a vendor with them since 2004.
Did alot of buss. inspection with them.Maybe get 5 to 10% pers. work with them.As others are saying here thay pay on time and haven`t had any problems with them.
Good Morning,

Thanks for the replies! I appreciate it!
Nothing but good experiences with them.

They pay on time, have a lot of forms. Only problem is they are very low volume.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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