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Alright, we in the upper midwest are typically a good 5 years behind the times when it comes to evolution. So bare in mind that we live within the walls of the superior coastal superpowers.

I have never even heard of such a thing (see link above) until this past week I have seen a flood (at least 3-4 different vans) of these vehicles running around the metro lately.
I recall the first time I walked out of HD and was loading up some lumber next to one of the vans...I was thinking to myself...."self, that is a brilliant name why didn't you think of it".
So today I was at another local lumber yard loading up and low and behold another van of this lettering pulls up. Out of curiosity I had to go home and google this outfit. Yep as suspected they are in the preservation field as well. One of the first services they list as services offered...cleanouts.
Things that make ya go hmmmm?

1-800-boardup is a franchise out of St Louis. Us restoration guys were all approached several years ago and yes they DO have contracts to board for some banks direct and a lot of adjusters tefer them on fire damage jobs. In the DSM market they are being hurt bu the same restoration companies keeping the emergency restoration, ie fire boardups, inhouse AND there are some P.A.'s that wont approve their charges :)

Boardup is struggling to compete and has been looking to diversify but trashouts? I would hesitate to say a bunch of their franchisee's would say NO. Also, United is losing out on rebuilds for the quality of work AND those pesky P.A.'s won't allow sub-par work...

I remember when 1-800gotjunk ventured into hud cleanouts...Didnt last long and I don't see Boardup lasting long either.

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The reason gotjunk didn't last is the nationals are too cheap and take too long to pay.
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