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We worked for them around 10 years ago. The website was horrible, the pay was low, and the expectations were very high. We stopped working for them back then and moved on.

Recently, we started working for them again, doing REO stuff. Again, the pay was too low, the expectations too high, and the website seems even worse than before. There were over 200 questions on one of their PCRs I filled out for an initial services maid order. Also, the layout is terrible. You have to upload all of your photos on the first page, then hit next and wait 1-3 minutes for the next to load. Answer the questions, then 'assign' pictures. Forget to upload an air freshener pic? Back to page 1 and the waits associated with switching between pages.

Also, they ask questions that are not relevant. A recent example would be a PCR that required Fireplace information. The home didn't have one, but that wasn't an option on the form. We had to describe this nonexistant fireplace by clicking radio buttons indicating the condition of various parts of it, until we got to the end of that section where we typed in, "there is no fireplace here.' Really amateur website.

They require a 100% immaculate home on an initial maid service order, and literally send an inspector to every house you do while in your probationary period. If the whole house does not pass their 'white glove test,' they send you back. Not a big deal, except that you will lose money doing this. The pay is not enough to justify the manpower you will need to get this done.

In addition, it's tough to get a question answered over there. When you call in and ask for someone, you get transferred. I have literally not once gotten the person I asked for when speaking to an operator first. The majority of the time, you don't even get someone in the same department. I actually got someone in billing once while trying to ask a question about a maid service. They can take a message and have someone call you back, but that takes hours.

Their preservation side may be better, I don't know. I could not justify working their REO side anymore, though. We quit them again after only a couple of months - we were just losing money and not getting any preservation/bids back to make up for it.
Yeah, I been working for them for about 6 months now. I just can’t keep making them Money and watching my money go out the window. Everything this person said is the exact experience I’m going through. Horrible pay, basically under minimum wage. They want you to have 3 people to perform a Maid Service. Problem is you can’t pay them 3 individual’s, and make a profit. Also the many jobs basically all of the jobs you do you have to dispute. This company is a straight scam, can’t believe they’re rated as high as they are.
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