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The only one named Cyd that I can remember is Cyd Charisse.

Or is Cyd short for "one hundred yards"?

Still confused.

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mtmtnman said:
Burning bridges is a blast! Problem is i must not be using enough gas because after a few weeks the fire dies out and they come crawling back!!!!:censored:

I do regret loosing my cool...but trying to bid a job for cyprexx is unbelievable.
I submit a fair bid...they call me and verbally shred the hell out of it. I compromise, we agree on a price.
An hour later I get an email from the supervisor saying they need me to drop another 400.00 or they will be forced to get another bid. Tell them, fine...get another bid.
So then they come back with another offer...200 LESS than the one I just turned down.
Told them I didn't think we were the right vendor for them and we would both be better served taking our business elsewhere.
This a.m. get an email asking what my best price would be.
The one I bid, dumbass.

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They haven't actually stated...

But, they want debris, sales clean with smoke detectors, lawn, and securing for 1700.00.
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