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Our first moderator: PropPresPro

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We are so excited to get this site rolling. I want to think PropPresPro for offering to help out on the site. He is our first moderator and will be helping me enforce our typical Posting Rules.

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Thanks Nathan!

I think this site is going to be a great asset for PP contractors, both the well experienced and those just starting out.
Congratulations and thanks for doing the dirty work so many of us won't. :)
As Nathan and many others already know, I'm not a preservation guy by any means, just an a/c tech who deals with foreclosed and Winterized homes. I'm always willing to learn new things and it looks like I'm going to have to.

Nice to meet your aquaintance, PropPresPro. My real name is Preston.

Here's to a nice and friendly atmosphere amongst all of us tradesmen. :cool:
let the bannings begin!!!


let the bannings begin!!!

Hey now, I resemble that remark.

Nathan, you know what would be a grand idea? If I were a moderator, that way I could never be banned. HA!! :D
let the bannings begin!!!
I guess I really have to behave now!

Congrats on the MOD job, or should I offer my condolences?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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