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Phazer Construction LLC

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Has anyone heard of Phazer Construction LLC? They have contacted me, but I am unable to find any information on them.
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Are you Art Nelson from LA? You know that you were not honest with your work but at least try to be honest with yourself. You tried to cheat us on a large-scale work order where both we and our client lost reputation in a specific market.

Instead of replacing the metal roof, you tried to pressure wash it and on top of that, you stated that you replaced it. Seriously!! Even the inspectors from the client’s end caught you red-handed while your guys were pressure-washing the roof.

You burnt the debris generated from trees instead of legally dumping them and misbehaved with the neighbors.

We neither get any payment on this hazard approval nor we are not getting any work in LA from that client. They sent us photo evidence for everything. We trusted you with this large-scale job but you ruined our reputation Art.

We are feeling lucky that our client did not take any legal action against us let alone get the payment. People like you are ruining this industry.
This is what we have to deal with a lot. We get a lot of people that want to get paid immediately for a job then you send an inspector out there and find out that they did not do the job as asked if you are lucky otherwise your client finds out themselves.... But if you don't pay a corner cutter right away they will have a lot of power and blast your reputation on the internet before you can even sneeze. And you get texts over and over to pay them while you are sleeping, meanwhile you have to send another guy out there to get the job done right.

I feel your pain.
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