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Platinum conferences lp

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Well now..
Have you all received you invitation to this conference in Las Vegas yet?
We would like to here from everyone on your thoughts.
you can contact us through this site or directly at
[email protected]
Place CONFERENCE in subject line...
For those of you whom have not received you invitaion here is the link...
A little pricy but then what in Vegas isn't...and how can one/two/three/four not have a good time in Vegas?????

Look forward to hearing from everyone.
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I wont be going.

It might be nice to go party with all you other P&P contractors but thats not the focus of my business and I need to save the cost of that trip for buying my new commercial mower in the spring.
The type of classes they are putting on will only be able to be afforded by the folks that are already knowledgeable in those items.

I don't see this being well attended simply because of the price.

Down around $200 registration for the entire expo plus the cost of rooms........ a lot more folks will show up.
HollandPPC said:
Wonder if I can charge a discount rate and get some of my money back.

100% charge back? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Sounds like a plan to me. :clap:
For what its going to cost, in my opinion NO its not worth it.

But thats a determination that only you can make for yourself.
I've seen Lameco's signs maybe 3 times in my greater area.

All of them had more than the sign in common..... extreme hack work had been performed at each one.
Improper lock change (wrong key codes) improper wints, etc.
1 - 5 of 48 Posts
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