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Okay so here it goes, I am starting up a contracting business that will mostly focus on property restoration (fire, smoke, water, etc) and landscaping. However since I belive property restoration is similar to preservation and some of my skills as a firefighter can come in handy (like taking out locks without a lock pick set, but still leaving no damage) I want to get into property preservation as well. I have a few questions though and they are;

1. Everyone keeps talking about HUD guidelines, where can I go to find these?

2. Obviously something will need to be done by a certified sub (major electrical work, some plumbing issues), but for the things that don't require a special license like winterization. Where can I go to learn how to do those sorts of things?

3. Other then asking around this forum, where can I go to get a list of suggested tools and equipment? Being a newbie I don't want to say, yeah sure I can do that and realize halfway through that I need a $400 tool or some such thing. Also this goes back to #2 in that I want to ensure that I am doing it right the first time. I am not too worried about chargeback as I am my company's reputation and its also a pride thing. I like to do things once, right.

I am good to go on the property restoration and landscape side of things, but somethings I am still green on and want to learn more before I advertise that I can do those kinds of jobs / services.

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1) Google "HUD Guidelines Property Preservation" and that will give you links to the guidelines from cubicyard. Also google the pay schedules.

2)Im not sure of your state, but if you hit $500 on a property that is not owned by you, you need to be licensed. You also need to have min insurances for any bank (usually 1mill/2). That includes anything that is not considered a specialty trade (even rekey, trashout, etc...)

3) Depends on what you are trying to offer. What parts of the business are you willing to get into? If you are not willing to do almost anything in a house that you will come accross, you wont get much business. There are others out there that will do the same thing as you, but are willing to be a "one stop shop". The banks do not care if you can get into a lock without damaging it, or without using a pick. They only care that you can get in, and change either the lock, or the pins for the amount they are willing to pay, and that once you leave the property is secured.

Please elaborate on what parts of the business you would like to get into, and I may be able to help you with what tools you will need. Our trucks are usually fully loaded. I cannot help you with whats needed on a wint, as in So Cal, we do not have a need to perform these.
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