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Safeguard and missing orders????

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Anyone have jobs missing since Vendor Web took a poop last Friday...
I had 48 jobs that went missing last friday night then came back Sunday when Vendor Web went back up then 2 hours later were gone again... yesterday 12 more went missing... I called Safegaurd and was told they have no clue what happened to my grass cuts..This is crazy how this site keeps taking a crap...:censored:
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We got the email that Safeguard staff would be working all weekend processing orders and that they expected us to be as well. Supposedly they would be contacting vendors for their updates if needed but those completed orders had to be turned in. Welllll...when their system is on the fritz we move on to our other customers. I don't run guys on sundays or at night because of issues on their end. I don't pay people to stay and stare at a locked up website for hours on end. If it were another customer or maybe a one time thing..maybe. Too many chargebacks, too many missing invoices...too much bs. We do work for them but no special treatment. They made their bed....:no:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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