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Good Morning,

Received two rush work orders in two days. The first work order was a rekey one door and winterize trailer; due in less than 24 hrs. I get to the property and rekey the only door. I start on the wint and find that the previous occupant has run water lines from the water heater right over where the water heater relief valve is located and then cover the entire area with spray foam insulation completely blocking the relief valve. I advise the company of the situation, recommend that a plumber come out and view the issue to give an accurate estimate. I advise this over the phone and in my bid form that I submitted.

That evening I received another rush work order for initial secure. Now this work order everything worked out great except I ran out of the proper lockbox. After hunting around town for a lockbox I find that none of the retailers will sell the kind a need (letter tumbler). Advise the company that I have the proper lockboxes being shipped to me and should arrive Saturday or Monday at the latest. I get everything submitted and when I wake up this morning, I see two emails saying work has not been completed. When I check the status of the work order in their software suite I see that the work is not only completed but it is accepted.

I like the pay of this company but I am not enjoying the processes and less then desirable quality of communication. Thank you for reading my venting.
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Meet you in Clear Lake/Mason City, IA and sell you a letter tumbler(not sure where in MN you are)

Thanks for the offer but I have my coming in (according to UPS) on Saturday.
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