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Slow pay from Cyprexx lately?

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Have any of you experienced slow pay issues with Cyprexx lately? Usually they have been consistently around 30 days, but I have a couple invoices 60+ days, and a lot 30+.
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Haven't noticed any too unusual. We've been with Cyprexx for several years and have noticed a dramatic decrease in work flow since August. Anybody else experiencing the same ...
We have been with them several years also. Seems like they like to switch vendors a lot. That could be reason for decrease, they are trying out a new vendor
Have worked for them for 5 years. Is taking longer to get payed. I get photo request a month after job is completed. I think there doing this to hold up they ask for were sent in and I just e-mail to them again.:rolleyes:
Yeah same here. They do seem to be either very busy our under staffed the last month
Sounds like some of the others I've worked for in the past.
They may have lost a contract(s) and are holding things close to the vest until they figure out whats gonna shake out.
Cyprexx mismanagment

I worked for Cyprexx in Virginia for almost 4 years. They do switch coordinators around with the idea that no one get close to the vendors. The latest Virginia coordinators are a bunch of rude, arogant, foul mouthed women who have a reputation as bullies. Two of the women are best friends with each other and with the owners girlfriend. They work out together all the time according to other people there. They use that BFF thing to do whatever they want. I know of three other vendors who had been with them a long time who are jumping ship because of them. I read on another blog about something that happened between them and another vendor that had been with them a while that probably is going to get them sued. I will try and find the link but it was one of the most low down dirty things i ever heard of. I have heard the Florida coordinators are pretty cool to work with if you are in Florida. I am still trying to get paid for invoices from 4 months ago. BUnch of vendors in Virginia are going to start fiing compliants with Fanniemae.:eek:
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Been with them for 5 years and always get paid under 30 days with few exceptions. Flat rate was $500 and they called asking if we can reduce by $20. Used to get a lot of work but I hear they're very slow. They've always been better than FAS or SG by a long shot (which we FAS after 4 months and are quitting SG ... can't get their system up and then they blame the vendor!
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