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Slow Pay

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I have a lawn care company and have been doing lawns for a property presvation co in north carolina.They keep making excuess about payment to me is this common with these companys
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Yes it is. Nationals, regionals, banks all seem to be slow paying at times. Realtors rarely are late.
FremontREO said:
Heck no pay is common too. They will string the grass cut crews out for a couple months while actively recruiting your replacement when you figure out that the pay is not forthcoming.

Yesterday I spoke with a grass cut crew that called begging for work. They were told that they failed 740 grass cuts for not having edging pics for every property per requirements so they were not being paid for 2 months of cuts. Sucks but no pics no pay..

Welcome to the industry.
Safeguard or AMS?
BPWY said:
A local code enforcement officer told me this past week that he is sick and tired of trying to be nice and give the property owners aka the banks a chance to clean up and mow the properties they own in my area.

He said that BAC is just as bad as any of them in blowing smoke and trying to get him off the phone without giving answers and without getting the properties taken care of.
they all 1 week, they will usually exceed what we bid to clean that crap up.
BPWY said:
Check into the lien laws in your state.

For clean ups, trash outs, lawn mowing etc I cannot lien in WY.

There has to be an actual physical improvement to the property.
Landscaping, planting trees adding a water feature, remodeling etc.
Its BS!!!!! I've got several properties I would have already liened if it wasn't for that.
No bueno.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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