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In the past couple weeks many have inquired about how to go about "paying yourself"
First you have to be a company and not working off your is a free webinar with an organization I belong to call Sage Advisers...
Hope it can shed a better light on things than I have been able to explain to all of your inquiry minds!!!!

Structuring Business Ownership and Contracts to Minimize Risk and Avoid Litigation

Today our nation has more laws and government regulations then ever. From age discrimination to sexual harassment, accommodating workers with disabilities to unfair competition, every business faces legal threats no one ever dreamed of a generation ago. These are in addition to age old legal risks from accidents, unhappy customers and contracts.

As legal risks and the potential for lawsuits increase, so does the need for business owners to take steps to control these risks. There is no guarantee that your company will not be sued- in fact, over time there is a great chance that your business entity will face some sort of legal challenge. However, there are several steps that you can take to avoid legal entanglements.

During this enlightening Teleseminar you will be privy to:
The Pros and Cons of Different Business Forms
Core Contract Principals, Including Authority & Implementation Issues
Suggested Contract Provisions
Litigation Avoidance and Management
The Need for Long Term Planning
My Special Guest, John Samberg, is an AV rated trial attorney with Towes Samberg & Murphy, Inc, and a member of the Bars of California, Nevada, England and Wales. In nearly thirty years of civil practice, John has handled a broad variety of matters, including commercial, construction, and bankruptcy litigation, real estate disputes, creditor's rights, and major injury/wrongful death cases in State, Federal and Bankruptcy Courts across the country. As a business and real estate transaction attorney, John is a veteran negotiator, and has crafted residential and commercial real estate and business contracts for individual and business clients for decades. In his ADR practice, John has served as a Court appointed arbitrator and mediator, and has participated in alternative dispute resolution programs for over twenty years.

CALL IN NUMBER: 775-335-3180 Code: 39790641#
DATE: April 17, 2013
TIME: 12:00 PM -1:00 PM (PST)
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