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A child care center or a drop-in center is a type of childcare service that offers a one-off reception center for children of whom one of the parents is not an employee. This allows parents to be helped out on certain occasions. The mother may be looking for a job, and she may need to travel midday. Or that she has a part-time job that requires her to be away from home. Instead of hiring a babysitter, you can entrust your little one to a drop-in center.

Daycare centers are well known for being niches for germs. To ensure the good health of children, discover in this article the importance of a quality cleaning of daycare for effective disinfection.

Daycares need to be aware of the importance of effective cleaning of their facility. The manager is the one who has the responsibility on his or her shoulder for the choice of how the housekeeping should be properly done. When it comes to cleanliness, a cleaning company needs to know the difference between cleaning and disinfection in addition to the key criteria for a successful efficient service.

Cleaning a daycare for a clean space

Maintenance measures for surfaces, objects, and premises are vital for the safety and wellbeing of the children and caregivers. A daycare cleaning company in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, is known to reduce the transmission of infections with products and an adequate frequency of maintenance. In fact, the inappropriate use of a product can render the measures ineffective and therefore not protect the occupants. This step serves first and foremost to remove all visible traces of dust and various dirt. It also decreases the number of germs on objects and surfaces, but without exaggerating. In addition, it thus reduces the formation of odors and dark circles in order to make the formation of germs more difficult.

The chemical and thermal remediation phase

The sanitation and disinfection of childcare, nursery, or school are carried out directly after the cleaning phase. Sanitation makes it possible to reduce the number of infectious agents to a safe level. Chemical or thermal, it is used for all food surfaces when an object is likely to bring to the mouth of children or with surfaces likely to be in contact with food. Likewise, the sanitizer itself should be used with care according to the direction for use, stored away from food and out of the reach of children.

Disinfection to eliminate the proliferation of bacteria

Disinfection is a critical step in daycare centers as children use their hands on almost any surface. This step is, in fact, the most important and necessary for objects and surfaces at high risk of contamination. Using a chemical or even bleach, it is important to choose a product that is effective and safe for children. In fact, some ecological products offer effective disinfection without a negative impact on the health of occupants and especially on children.

The use of a qualified company for an efficient result

There are a variety of disinfectant products on the market, but the best solution is always to contact an experienced company. This allows you, in fact, to ensure effective disinfection and therefore ensure the impeccable cleanliness of the daycare. According to the standards in force, the cleaning companies offer you irreproachable services and that with competitive prices in order to satisfy your needs. By respecting all standards and with the right choice of products, professionals adopt the best techniques to prevent all types of contamination in any situation.

Intervention plan in the event of school closure
In the event of a school closure triggered by a pandemic, we have a documented plan to thoroughly clean the entire school during the closure period.

The plan includes:
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of classrooms, offices, and common areas using professional-grade disinfectants
  • Use of broad-spectrum germicidal products, with an efficiency rate of over 99% on similar viral structures
  • Cleaning schedule between 4 to 16 days, depending on the size of the school
  • Application of disinfection by a combination of direct surface, aerial and electrostatic spraying
  • Concentration on all surfaces (tables, desks, as well as high-touch)

At Inter Cleaning, we work in partnership with schools, which means that we are constantly thinking about the different additional means to put in place for optimal cleaning. We work closely with schools to build a long-term relationship with each school we clean.
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