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Here is something that has been troubling me for some time. Why is it that our business insurance has to be purchased from a company that is not in my state? I mean isn’t the biggest mantra right now to assist with righting local economies, “Buy Local”????
So why do I have to buy insurance form a company that is located 3,000 miles away?
Here is a scenario I find very disturbing….My company enters into a working relationship with, oh say a company in Cleveland, Ohio…said company informs me they will only accept insurance form company A, B, and C….I politely explain to Mr. Cleveland Company…” Gosh you know this really puts me behind the eightball as I just spent $8,000.00 on my policy to be written specifically for the services we complete form a company in Arizona. Am I understanding you correctly, you are telling me my policy is no good and I wasted my money and I need to purchase insurance form one of the companies you recommend?”
Oh certainly not but you will be required to switch when you policy expires….
I’m sorry but if no one sees what is wrong with this picture…
Let me ask you this. If the policy is OK from the company in Arizona until it expires then why isn’t this companies insurance and your policy good next year???
UH OH!!!! Here goes Little Man running around my head again….OH NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!!! DAMN I wish he’d stop yelling Collusion!!!!!!...I wonder if he really knows what it means…I really hate it when he gets behind my left ear as when he starts yelling it sounds like a foghorn.
However, I have to wonder. Does the Little Man have a point? Is there some merit to Little Man’s thoughts??? I mean really now, why can’t I go to my insurance office and tell my agent what I need and have a policy written for my business? Wouldn’t this keep the taxes in my local economy? Would not this be “buying local”?
I just don’t understand why I’m not allowed to purchase this product right here in my home town. Perhaps mind you, something like that would be considered “common sense” I do know the current system for insurance in the PPI makes absolutely no sense to me….Oh the goes the Little Man again….
Common Sense…We don’t need no stinking Common Sense…
Perhaps he’s right maybe we don’t need Common Sense, after all the industry dictators have thrown caution to the wind with a blatant disregarded any form of logic.
Oh Now you want to be Spock???? Would you just eat a pill Little Man…..
But perhaps Little Man is right…perhaps we all need to consider that fact that there may be some collusion going on in the PPI and that by not taking a stand and saying something, by just “going with the flow” because we are afraid of not being able to provide for our families and put food on the table and shoes on Jonny’s feet this week…perhaps we are not only being complacent with our business models, we are actually assisting the powers to be in their efforts to mask collusion???? I realize that is a very harsh word, but you have to admit, if there is not collusion going on in the PPI the situation being dictated by the powers to be is as close as you can come without being there. You see collusion does involve two or more participants to be price fixing in an industry. Price fixing with insurance you say??? How is that you say??? If you mandate I buy something some someone you approve of…I have no choice but to pay what they charge…Sorry but that does remove the “free enterprise” equation from the picture and forces me into spending a set amount of money based on your mandate…Besides even if you chose to exercise your own free will and not sign into this activity it does not make it any less unconstitutional. Just as the fact if you do sign into this activity it does not necessarily mean that it is legal and binding in a court of law…
Damn here comes the Little Man again….Hey quit bitchin’!!!! After all, you don’t have to sign the contracts. You have a choice of insurance companies. You have the liberty of joining associations that participate in developing policy that dictates to the industry. You have the ability to say no. You have the right to deny adjusted bids. You have the right to say no to the education testing being forced on us. You have the ability to negotiate fees for our work. You have the ability to complete services on our schedule. You have the ability not to perform services for free. You have the ability to deny work without reprisal. You earn large amount of revenue. You can count on being paid on time. You can speak freely about the company you work with. You can openly share you work experiences with the social groups you are member with. You have the ability to amend the contracts you are asked to sign, dontcha????
Weeeeelll DONTCHA?!!!?!!!!!????!!!!!????!!!!!!?????!!!!???????????????
Hey what more could you ask for??? Would you like your balloon now????
Yes, perhaps Little Man has a point…
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