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Wells Fargo contractor screws up

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Over and over.

This is some bad publicity for WF but really, I thought they paid good enough to be able to hire a reputable contractor.

Not one that goes to the wrong house twice.

I never went into a property unless I was CERTAIN it was the one on the paper work.
Any discrepancies on the street, the numbers any thing and I'd kick it back for clarification.

These guys didn't care??????????????????
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Expecially in rural areas, we would go to long lengths to confirm we were at the right property. Safeguard, Five Brothers, FAS would never have the information beyond what they gave us, sometime little more than Occupant, RR 1, Boonieville. Yes, the original contractor appeared to be a moron, and the second contractor probably was given pics or info from the first job. Idiots all around.
"They had taken the food," she said. "And there were bottles of beer and bongs."

oh boy what a bunch of morons
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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