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I've been in the construction industry-environmental and demolition for 25 years. On the estimating side of this business if your weren't the low bidder you weren't awarded the work...simple

But in the P&P industry... clients believe they know your costs and what your O/H an profit "should be". They justify their low-balled numbers to their client stating... well Marshal Swift cost estimator says...

To mean the past 15 years in the business meant to Preserve and Protect the interests of a it appears it has shifted too
"just mail us a check to do the work".

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The only folks making money doing P&P now days is the national service companies.

Lord knows that none of the guys doing the actual work are doing more than surviving.
Cheap prices, prices that are under cost, charge backs, fraudulent middle men companies that don't pay their subs, fraudulent contractors that lie about yours and my work in an effort to make work for themselves and in turn results in charge backs etc.
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