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summithomeinc said:
So I called today and told them I was just not set up for this. They said "I have a forclosure tomorrow can you help?" Hello"??? I'm not set up for this.......
Summit, your setting yourself up to fail. New guys to this biz get the "Rush please, this one is a priority" spiel. That's because they couldn't get another sucker and the order is way late.
The new guy figures he won't get rich but work is work.
Then later you realize thru all of their "work order inquiries" that you didn't use the correct locks, take all of the required photos, or complete the sales clean to their standards. You'll pay for the right locks on your dime, redo the sales clean on your dime, and find out they pay for paint, tires and car batteries as debris only, so your trip to the hazard disposal facililty was out of your pocket.
If you can afford to pay Safeguard (or other National) to teach you this business, then getout there and go get em.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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