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Anyone have any ideas?

My firm is a small bus. that does mold remediation work nationally.

Some sites say don't bother contacting national asset managers because you will never get thru to them. Instead advertise on sites they go to and be listed in Google with a good website.

So which is it?
1) try calling them
2) let them find me by advertising on sites and have them call me.

If your answer is 2, then what would be some good sites?

Pls respond if you have any suggestions. thanx very much

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I would do both.
That is what we do.

Call them.
But, also list your business.
We get calls from homeowners and realtors to provide services.

Where to be listed.... you need to understand that I do marketing full-time.
I work with my brother-in-law, helping him. I handle the operations side.

So, you are really asking how to do SEO. Since you want to be found for mold remediation.
You need to be listed in Google + Local, Yahoo, and Bing
At least 100 citation sites. Sites like Merchant Circle and
Relevant business directory sites.
As well as submitting content to content sharing sites.
Articles, videos, pdfs, audios, ppts, etc.

Hope that helps.
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