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if you were the CEO of an asset managment company or national preservation company, what is one thing you'd change immediately?

Field service professionals are critical to these organization. Without them, most companies could not survive. But, often the field service talent is looked-upon with disdain for making too much money (so our fees are cut) and not working as hard. We all know this isn't true - the talents of each service provider are vastly different and hopefully complimentary.

So, if you could step into the shoes of the bigger hiring firms for a day, what changes would you make to run your asset management or national preservation company better??

Disclamier: Please try to refrain from mentioning any specific company

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One thing I think would be better is for more local companies to be able to get contracts. When you think about it, a national charges full price and then pays little to the contractors. If there were no "nationals", agencies such as HUD would probably get the same if not better work at a better rate since there wouldn't be any middleman.
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