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I'm going to code up a W/O management system to manage sub-contractors. Let me know, in depth what it should include, how it should be laid out, etc. If you guys have a website for your business I'll give you the script free when it's done.

So I need to know what would be the most clean way to do this. What I had in mind was this; an Administrator can list properties, each property has info plugged in, type of job, location, automatic google map pic, etc.

Sub contractor can go to the website in the morning to check for work. He will be able to sort by job type, location, etc. When he finds a job he likes he just clicks "accept job". The job is then marked as Pending on the list so only one sub contractor can accept a job.

Sub contractors can check more than one job and take as many jobs as they want. They can click the listing to get a more in-depth description. When a work order is done. They will click "My Orders" a page that shows all current and previous jobs. Here they can click a job they've completed. Upload pics right there, caption pics, and add bids at the bottom.

Each listing will look like the following
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